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Knockout components binding handler for Bootstrap 3 Datepicker.

The datetimePicker binding handler creates a date/time picker using Bootstrap 3 Datepicker. There's also a utility handler for displaying a datetime string value.


bower install koco-dateime-picker-binding-handler

Add it to knockout-binding-handlers.js:


You'll also need to add the bower dependencies to require.config.js

var require = {
paths: {
'bootstrap-datetimepicker': 'bower_components/eonasdan-bootstrap-datetimepicker/src/js/bootstrap-datetimepicker',
'moment-timezone': 'bower_components/moment-timezone/builds/moment-timezone-with-data'


<input data-bind="datetimePicker: date [, datetimePickerOptions: options...]">

Note that the data-binding must appear on an input element. ###Options

  • pickTime {boolean} - show time picker at bottom of calendar. Defaults to true.
  • defaultTimeMode {String} - Either now or midnight. If pickTime is false (ie, the user can only select by date), this will always be midnight, regardless of what is passed in. Otherwise defaults to now.
  • timezone - convert date to specified timezone. (If pickTime is false and no timezone is specified, this will default to EST.)
  • isDisplayedInMontrealTimeZone {boolean} - for legacy support.
  • labels - by default, timezone labels will appear in french. To override, provide an object of the format:
  timeZoneAbbr: {
      'EST': 'HNE',
      'EDT': 'HAE'
  timeZoneName: {
      'EST': 'Heure normale de l\'est',
      'EDT': 'Heure avancée de l\'est'