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Koaton is a FullStack Javascript Web Framework. That Allows you to easily create your web application.


  1. World Class Router. Inspired by ASP.NET, Laravel.
  2. MongoDB support via CaminteJS.
  3. Multiple Subdomains.
  4. Web Applications via Ember.
  5. Support Handlebars, Nunjucks, EJS via consolidate.
  6. Built in Inflector thanks to inflection.
  7. Model to REST urls. (GET, GET/single, POST, POST/single, PUT, DELETE).
  8. Relations: One-To-One, One-To-Many. (Works with POST/PUT).
  9. Secure Urls featuring Passport.
  10. Built in Authorization Server thanks to oauth2orize-koa.
  11. Bundles (Pack your CSS and JS file into one).

Koaton is a CLI tool that provides a nice starting point for full stack JavaScript Web development with Koa, Ember, and Node.js along with CaminateJS and WebSockets.

The Latest Version

NPM Version


Documentation will be avaliable at:


npm i koaton

Other programs you may need:

npm i forever -g
npm i ember-cli -g


Koaton actually has a CLI tool to please go to that repo and you will find how to use the hole sistem.

Future Plans

  1. Add Full Support for localization.
  2. Build my own ORM to extend database support. Currently only MongoDB support all the features of Koaton, but you could use any of the CaminteJS database support for the most basic operations. (FilterSets only supported by MongoDB).
  3. Koaton Editor based on

Some other things

  1. I have written all the repo in ES6, ESNEXT but it is transpiled to ES5 so i can be run with Node 6+.
  2. I'm doing all the posible so the project can be run without the need of Koaton-CLI (so you don't have to install it in your server), but koaton-cli is the official way to developt a Koaton project.

Comming Soon

  1. DOCs from code. This is something I'm really excited about. but I need to fix the CLI tool first.
  2. Write your project in ES6/ESNEXT. (So you can directly code with Koa2).


  1. Gerardo Pérez Pérez