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    A suite of Koa utilities allowing for quicker bootstrapping, as well as a consequential guide on how to write apps using the Koa philosophy. Think of it as a KrakenJS for Koa.

    Beware! Koala is alpha software!


    Koa is a bare minimal framework, focusing on unopinionated core HTTP utilities. However, this is not sufficient for most apps as a lot is not supported out of the box. Including a bunch of dependencies in every new app you create quickly becomes annoying.

    The goal of Koala is to include the most used and unopinionated parts of apps into a single framework. Many things such as body parsing, sessions, and CSRF are included. Many other things, such as routing, is too opinionated and not included.

    Unlike other frameworks, Koala will not dictate how to write business logic. Thanks to generators and, eventually, ES7 Async/Await, writing business logic in Koa is much easier than other frameworks, and Koala's goal is to only make it easier. Don't expect a single option to automatically do magic for your app.

    Feel free to create suggestions!

    Features and Documentation

    The Koala framework adds to Koa:

    • Body Parsing
      • Seamless Expect: 100-continue support
      • Per-request body limits
      • Supports JSON, urlencoded, and multipart bodies
      • Supports arbitrary strings, buffers, and files as bodies
      • Optional nested parameter support
    • SPDY - specifically push streams
    • File Serving - with SPDY push support
    • Sessions
      • Cookie-based sessions
      • CSRF protection

    koala(1) will be a generator, similar to what express(1) is.


    Simply replace require('koa') with require('koala'). Koala returns a koa app, except it includes more features.

    var koala = require('koala');
    var app = koala();
    app.use(function* () {
      this.response.status = 204;
    var fn = app.callback();
    require('http').createServer(fn).listen(function (err) {
      if (err) throw err;
      console.log('Koala app listening on port %s', this.address().port);


    Some additional features may include:

    • Timeout assertion
    • Server-Side Event Streams
    • Rate limiting

    Let me know if you have any other suggestions.


    npm i koala

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