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Middleware for KoaJS to serve a folder as static files. Other implementations require every file to be appointed individually (as far as I know). The software initializes at the startup of your application, so changes made in the underlying folders require a restart of your app.


  • maxage Browser cache max-age in milliseconds. defaults to 0
  • hidden Allow transfer of hidden files. defaults to false
  • gzip Try to serve the gzipped version of a file automatically when gzip is supported by a client and if the requested file with .gz extension exists. defaults to true.
  • format If not false (defaults to true), format the path to serve static file servers and not require a trailing slash for directories, so that you can do both /directory and /directory/


var serve = require('koa-static-folder'),
    koa = require('koa'),
    app = koa();
app.use(serve('./assets', {maxage: 5 * 60 * 1000}));
app.use(function *(next){
    if('/' == this.path){
        this.body = 'Try GET one of the following: `/assets/style.css`,`/public/blabla.json`,`/public/style.css`';
console.log('Koa server listening at port 8000');



Release log

0.1.6 - Added the possibility to inform max-age for caching.
0.1.5 - Updated documentation slightly.
0.1.4 - Updated documentation slightly.
0.1.3 - Using procedd.cwd() instead of dirname fixing some bugs with different file locations and systems.
0.1.2 - Removed unnecessary dependencies and fixed broken dependency.