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knowhow-agent Build Status

This is the agent portion of knowhow, which is a tool that let's you create jobs and workflows to manage your environment. A know agent is a web applicaiton that exposes script execution file transfer services on the host it runs on. It uses to braodcast events to any other host.


npm install -g knowhow-agent

To start the agent simply run the script


or run directly from node:

node agent.js

After starting access the agent through a web browser http://localhost:3000. The default port is 3000.

command line arguments

--port - the port the agent runs on. (default is 3000)
--user - sets the user this agent runs as.
--login - sets the login this agent uses to open a tty.  
--_id - A unique identifier for this agent.  This value is meant to be generated by the knowhow-server.
--mode - (development|production).  

In production mode the agent will delete itself by deleting the directory it runs in. In development mode this does not happen. If user and login are different the agent will try to execute as user instead of login. Both login and password are usually sent as inputs by the knowhow-server.


node agent.js --port=3000 --login=mylogin --_id=unique_char_string --mode=production