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    Knockout Promise Extender

    Knockout extender to convert a promise object into useful observables.

    Install with Bower

    bower install knockout-promise

    Then add knockout.promise.js to your project.

    How to Use

    Include the script on your page (either via a normal script tag or via an AMD loader). Create an observable and extend it with promise.

    var myAwesomeData = ko.observable().extend({ promise: true });

    This will add a few observables that hang off of the observable you extended, isLoading, isError, and isLoaded. It also adds a load function. Later on, when you need to load data into this observable, you can simply do:


    This will set the isLoading observable to true while data is loaded from the server. If the promise is rejected (e.g. the AJAX request failed), the isError is set to true while the isLoading is set to false. Once the data is successfuly returned from the server, the isLoading and isError observables will be set to false while the isLoaded observable will be set to true.

    <div data-bind="if: myAwesomeData.isLoading">Loading…</div>
    <div data-bind="if: myAwesomeData.isError">There was an error!</div>
    <div data-bind="if: myAwesomeData.isLoaded">
        <!-- show that awesome data -->

    Since you are working with promises here, you can do all kinds of fancy things such as manipulating the data after it comes back from the server but before the extender gets to it:

    myAwesomeData.load(service.makeRequestThatReturnsPromise().then(function(data) {
        //manipulate the data
        return data;


    npm i knockout.promise

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