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    Klei Dust

    klei-dust is a helper (inspired by Consolidate) to use dustjs-linkedin templates as views along with express for node.js.


    The main advantage with klei-dust is that it supports relative paths for partials and base templates.

    E.g. you can have a base template base.dust at /views/base.dust and a child template at /views/child.dust with the following contents:

    file: /views/base.dust

    <!DOCTYPE html>
            <title>A title here</title>

    file: /views/child.dust

    <p>Child content...</p>

    And child views in subfolders:

    file: /views/subviews/child2.dust

    <p>Sub child content...</p>

    See root and relativeToFile options below for alternatives.


    $ npm install klei-dust

    N.B. You must install dustjs-linkedin as well.

    Setting up Klei Dust with Express

    To use dust as your default template file extension use:

    var express = require('express'),
        kleiDust = require('klei-dust'),
        app = express();
    app.configure(function () {
        app.set('views', __dirname + '/views');
        app.engine('dust', kleiDust.dust);
        app.set('view engine', 'dust');
        app.set('view options', {layout: false});

    If you want another extension, e.g. html then use this settings instead:

        kleiDust.setOptions({extension: 'html'}); // Add the extension option
        app.set('views', __dirname + '/views');
        app.engine('html', kleiDust.dust); // change engine to the same filetype
        app.set('view engine', 'html');    // ditto
        app.set('view options', {layout: false});

    N.B. In the examples above klei-dust uses the express views setting to locate views, see options below.

    Using klei-dust without express

    How to use klei-dust to compile templates whithout express:

    var kleiDust = require('klei-dust');
    kleiDust.dust('<your-template-folder>/<your-template-name>', <template-data>, function (err, out) {
        if (err) return console.log(err);
        // Do something with `out`...

    Available options

    • relativeToFile - specifies if paths to partials, base templates, etc. should be specified relative to the current view or to the views root folder, defaults to true
    • root - sets the root directory for all the views/templates, if not set the express views setting is used (only applies if relativeToFile is set to false)
    • extension - sets the default extension for views if omitted in includes/partials, defaults to .dust
    • cache - specifies if the template cache should be enabled or not, defaults to false
    • keepWhiteSpace - if true whitespace in templates won't be compressed, defaults to false
    • useHelpers - if true klei-dust will try and load dustjs-helpers, defaults to false

    The options is set with the setOptions() method.

    Convenience methods

    • getDust - returns the dustjs-linkedin instance to be able to use the streaming api and such.
    • setHelpers - sets the dust.helpers property to the given value.
    • getHelpers - gets the current dust.helpers.
    • setFilters - sets the dust.filters property to the given value.
    • getFilters - gets the current dust.filters.
    • create - create a new instance




    npm i klei-dust

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