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CSS3 scroll animation library

This library is a part of Kissui project.



You can use bower to install the package:

bower install kissui.scrollanim


You can use cdnjs:


You can also download and include files manually from the latest releases.

Getting Started

This projects doesn't have any dependecies. All you need to do is to include the scrollanim.js and scrollanim.css in your page.

Please note that you don't need jQuery, Angular.js, React, Whatever.

Write your first awesome scroll animation:

<p data-kui-anim="fadeIn">Show this with fade-in</p>

Simple, isn't it?

Need more help? have a look at /example folder in the project OR

Adding animations

You can add animations using data-kui-... attributes or programmatiaclly using the kissuiScrollAnim.add method. Read following sections for more details.

data-kui attributes

Currently we have two attributes to define the options:

  • data-kui-anim: Mandatory. Animation name. see Animations section.
  • data-kui-event: Option to define the event to trigger. see Events section. Default is in.


<div data-kui-anim="fadeIn" data-kui-event="top">

Programmatically (JSON)

Also, you can use the kissuiScrollAnim.add method to add the animations.


kissuiScrollAnim.add(element, {
  'in': 'fadeIn'


There are some options to define the default values in Scrollanim.

  • triggerOnInit: Trigger the events on module init (automatically after page load)?. Default is true.
  • attributePrefix: Prefix for all data-... attributes. Default is data-kui-.
  • animAttribute: Name of animation attribute. Default is anim
  • eventAttribute: Event attribute name. Default is event
  • defaultEvent: Default event to trigger when data-kui-event is not provided. Default is in
  • autoReset: Reset the animation event after element is out of the viewport?. Defualt is true

To alter event you can use setOption or setOptions methods:

kissuiScrollAnim.setOption('autoReset', false)


  'autoReset': false,
  'triggerOnInit': false


Scrollanim uses kissui.position to manage and track elements. Please note that kissui.position is a builtin dependency and you don't need to include anything in your page.

Kissui.position supports these events:

  • in - when element is in the viewport
  • out - when element is not in the viewport
  • middle - center aligned element (vertically)
  • center - center aligned element (horizontally)
  • top - element at the top of the page
  • bottom - element at the bottom of the page
  • left - element at the left side of the page
  • right - element at the right side of the page

Also, it is possible to use a compond of events together, e.g. center middle, in right or out left. Please check out kissui.position for more information.

It is possible to use both data-kui-anim attribute and kissuiScrollAnim.add(element, event) to bind an element and reveal it after scrolling but please note that data-kui-anim attribute uses in event of kissui.position by default.

An example of adding an element using the API:

kissuiScrollAnim.add(element, {
  'in': 'fadeIn'


kissuiScrollAnim.add(element, {
  'center middle': 'fadeIn'


kissuiScrollAnim.add(element, {
  'center middle': 'fadeIn',
  'out': 'fadeOut'

Super cool.


Scrollanim uses Animate.css as a builtin dependency to provide stunnishing animations.

Here is a list of supported animations:

  • bounce
    • flash
    • pulse
    • rubberBand
    • shake
    • headShake
    • swing
    • tada
    • wobble
    • jello
    • bounceIn
    • bounceInDown
    • bounceInLeft
    • bounceInRight
    • bounceInUp
    • bounceOut
    • bounceOutDown
    • bounceOutLeft
    • bounceOutRight
    • bounceOutUp
    • fadeIn
    • fadeInDown
    • fadeInDownBig
    • fadeInLeft
    • fadeInLeftBig
    • fadeInRight
    • fadeInRightBig
    • fadeInUp
    • fadeInUpBig
    • fadeOut
    • fadeOutDown
    • fadeOutDownBig
    • fadeOutLeft
    • fadeOutLeftBig
    • fadeOutRight
    • fadeOutRightBig
    • fadeOutUp
    • fadeOutUpBig
    • flipInX
    • flipInY
    • flipOutX
    • flipOutY
    • lightSpeedIn
    • lightSpeedOut
    • rotateIn
    • rotateInDownLeft
    • rotateInDownRight
    • rotateInUpLeft
    • rotateInUpRight
    • rotateOut
    • rotateOutDownLeft
    • rotateOutDownRight
    • rotateOutUpLeft
    • rotateOutUpRight
    • hinge
    • rollIn
    • rollOut
    • zoomIn
    • zoomInDown
    • zoomInLeft
    • zoomInRight
    • zoomInUp
    • zoomOut
    • zoomOutDown
    • zoomOutLeft
    • zoomOutRight
    • zoomOutUp
    • slideInDown
    • slideInLeft
    • slideInRight
    • slideInUp
    • slideOutDown
    • slideOutLeft
    • slideOutRight
    • slideOutUp

We always keep an up-to-date version on Animate.css.


Afshin Mehrabani

Thanks to Daniel Eden for making animate.css



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