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KISS allow to create your own snippets for a context and share these with your project team mates.

npm install -g kiss-cli
mkdir myproject
cd myproject
kiss server ./index.js

🍿 Try it!

  • KISS must be installed globally
  • To add new types, create templates in a folder named .kiss at the root directory of your project beside of your package.json file
  • Templates files must be named <type>.<extension>
  • Kiss priorize templates in (project)/.kiss > /User/home/.kiss > (npm_prefix_path)/.kiss

You could need KISS if

  • You are a developer
  • You are a developer in a team of developers
  • You share templates with your team (Back/Front)
  • You are bored of copying/pasting script content to create new script files
  • ... 💋

Defaults available types/templates

  • html HTML minimal ready page
  • server Simple ExpressJS server
  • React
    • pure React/Redux connected pure component
    • dumb React Stateless/Dump component
    • jest Simple Jest test file


  • v0.5.0
    • 🚀 refactor all the things \o/
  • v0.3.9
    • update documentation
  • v0.3.4
    • 🚀 Release version
  • v0.3.1
    • Refactor all the things in ES6
    • Removing Angular, AMD, Grunt... Templates
    • Adding React Templates
  • v0.2.0
    • Generate files by types extension
  • v0.1.41
    • Remove --debug option
    • Remove commander as cli parser
  • v0.1.40
    • Manage dotfiles
  • v0.1.34
    • Custom templates in your home folder
    • Custom templates in your project folder
    • project folder > home folder > kiss folder
  • v0.1.24
    • Fix install 'npm install -g kiss-cli'


This file generator was motivated by the famous French Bonaldi's Effect:
> It's totally unnecessary and therefore strictly indispensable!
But it's also a great concept of the play La Cantatrice chauve by Eugène Ionesco :)


  • Overwrite an existing file without prompts
  • Not so Asynchronous
  • Files permissions
  • Units Tests...
  • 🍎 tested only

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