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Pronounced: /kɪkt/

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment standards for Open Sourced NPM Tools.

NOTICE: Active Development

KI/KD is still in its early stages of development. Feel free to watch this project as it grows and use the issues section to put in any questions or ideas you may have.

Nothing in this project promises to be stable until we reach v0.1.0.

Work Log

KI/KD is developed with an agile methodology that I'm currently developing called DEX. This methodology revolves around doing 25 minute work sessions (inspired by the Pomodoro Technique) and then logging what was done in that session with a work log entry.

You can find all of the work log entries here: ./docs/


KI/KD came around as a result of my work on Transmutation to improve its maintainability as an open source tool. I've been scouring the interwebz for standards that are being used by project maintainers and I've discovered wonderful concepts like Conventional Changelogs, Monorepos, Auto Deployments on Travis, etc. There are so many wonderful tools out there that it takes a lot to really get a repo setup. I've been working on Transmutation quality for about 2 weeks now and it should be faster and more standard. There are things I agree with in the community, but also things I prefer a different way.

KI/KD shoots to be my own EXTREMELY opinionated standards for setting up {K,C}ontinuous Integration and {K,C}ontinuous Deployment for my own open sourced tools that I publish on NPM. I'm no expert on open source, I've barely contributed, but I love to code every day and improve my own skillset and automation regularly at the jobs that I have and I'm trying to find the best way for me to speed up my development and publishing. My goal is to have projects be able to have full CI/CD within a single Pomodoro session (25 minutes) without copying-pasting.

Rough Roadmap

KI/KD plans to be a constantly growing standard so right now the current dump for brainstorming and ideas on what to tackle in the future are all in a single markdown document to stay organized and when the time comes then a new idea can be turned into an issue and tackled by a contributor.

You can find the rough roadmap here: ./docs/


Pick one - Listed in order of recommendation

yarn add kikd --dev
npm i kikd -D
npm install kikd --save-dev 


Under Construction

Prior Art

Thank you to all of the projects that inspired KI/KD:

  • Alle - Thank you for pitching a this powerful monorepo structure
  • PouchDB - Thank you for being the example Alle repo
  • Lerna - Thank you for being THE monorepo tool
  • Babel - Thank you for being an amazing influential monorepo
  • Bolt Pkg - Thank you for being another monorepo toll example
  • Create React App - Thank you for your awesome opinionated scaffolding example
  • Angular.js - Thank you for designing the original commit style
  • Conventional Commits - Thank you for laying down the foundation for useful commit messages
  • Commitlint - Thank you for inspiring the enforcement of commit standards
  • Commitizen - Thank you for demonstrating a solid example of automation for commits
  • Semantic Release Thank you for demonstrating the handling of auto-versioning on CI
  • Semantic Versioning - Thank you for setting a standard of versioning packages


Ray Benefield
Ray Benefield
Chief Architect


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