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A lightweight front-end framework for creating scalable and performant, responsive sites

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Developed and maintained by Ashley Nolan & Zander Martineau


Feature Description
#webperf Performance-first, responsive philosophy
🚍 Rock-solid build tasks We use gulp & webpack to deliver the best task runner & developer experience for your project
👓 Unopinionated & extendable A few common UI elements, a grid & some other base styles. The rest is up to you.
🔮 Future proof Build complex layouts with flexbox. Our grid
😠 Lean & mean CSS: 8.68 kB gzipped
JS: 2 kB gzipped
It is a boilerplate after all 😉


Task Description
🎨 CSS npm run compile:css - Sass (Libsass via node-sass), Postcss with Autoprefixer, CSSNano and more, Source Maps
🐘 Javascript npm run compile:js - Babel, Webpack
🎡 Images npm run compress:images - Compression with imagemin
🐟 Icons npm run compile:svg - Auto-generated SVG Sprites
🚧 Compile npm run compile:all - Compile all the things
👀 Watch npm run watch - Watch all the things
🔥 Live updating npm start - Basic dev server using Browsersync
:shipit: Production builds npm run compile:release, or add the --release flag to any other task, e.g. gulp javascript --release or gulp css --release

📝 Demos and documentation

Kickoff's demo and documentation site is hosted at trykickoff.com.

Kickoff Yeoman generator Yeoman generator

Our Yeoman Generator is the best way to get Kickoff each time you want to start a new project, visit trykickoff.com/docs/yeoman.html for more info.

Slack logo Need real-time help? Find us on Slack

🐛 Bugs and feature requests

Have a bug or a feature request? Please search for existing and closed issues. If your problem or idea is not addressed yet, please open a new issue.

Browser compatibility

Kickoff has been tested in the following browsers:

Chrome (latest) Firefox (latest) Internet Explorer (9+) Safari (latest) Safari (iOS) (latest) Opera (latest)
Chrome Firefox IE Safari Safari Opera

Maintainers and contributors

Zander Martineau Ashley Nolan Nic Bell
Zander Ashley Nic
Twitter Twitter Twitter
Github Github Github
Site Site Site


If you're using Kickoff we'd love to hear about it; please e-mail us at trykickoff@gmail.com

Keep track of development and community news by following @TryKickoff on Twitter.


Please read our contribution guidelines before contributing to Kickoff.


For transparency into our release cycle and in striving to maintain backward compatibility, Kickoff is maintained under the Semantic Versioning guidelines. Sometimes we screw up, but we'll adhere to those rules whenever possible.

Sponsored by

TMW Unlimited...

Kickoff was created by Ash and Zander while working at TMW. TMW continue to provide sponsorship for the development of the project as well as trykickoff.com domain renewals and stickers.



npm i kickoff-framework

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