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Kevoree Javascript command-line client



Prefer a global install for this module as it is intended to be used as a client tool:

npm i -g kevoree-cli


Usage documentation is available by using the -h flag (or nothing):

kevoree -h


$ kevoree

  Usage: kevoree [options] [command]


    clean       Delete installed modules out of the cache folder
    init        Initialize Kevoree's config file
    login       Save your Kevoree registry credentials
    start       Start a Kevoree Javascript runtime
    config      Prints the current Kevoree config file
    help [cmd]  display help for [cmd]


    -h, --help     output usage information
    -V, --version  output the version number

To get more details about a command: $ kevoree help <command>

Start a runtime

Now we can start a new Kevoree JavaScript runtime from the command-line by using:

kevoree start

This command will start a runtime based on a default model if none given (with -m /path/to/model.{json,kevs})

// default model
add node0: JavascriptNode
add sync: WSGroup

attach node0 sync

set sync.port/node0 = '9000'

This behavior will result in a port conflict if you try to run several "default" runtime on the same machine.