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A thin node.js wrapper around kd cli tool.


It's designed to be an extension layer on top of kd so that one could extend the functionality of each commands.

npm install --global kd
# it exposes a `kdx` binary. 
kdx auth login
# => same as running kd auth login 

Extending kd

  1. To match kdx your command create a file under src/commands/your/command.js
// commands/example/init.js
// this command will run when we type `kdx example init`
export default {
  run(args, { run }) {
    console.log('running init command')
    return askTeamAndBaseUrl().then(({baseurl, team}) => {
      return run(
        ['auth', 'login', '--baseurl', baseurl, '--team', team]
    .then(() => {
      return run(
        ['template', 'create']

a command is a simple object containing the following keys:

  • before(initialArgs: Array<String>, { run: Function }) => args: Promise<Array<String>>

    Accepts initial args, and it's expected to return an array to be passed to the run function as args. If return value is a promise, the resolved value will be passed to run function.

    • tl;dr: Return a promise if you need to do async stuff.
  • run(args: <Array<String>>, { run: Function }) => Promise

    A function accepts the result of before function. If before function doesn't exist, it will be passed the original args.

  • after(result: any) => Promise

    A function accepts the result of run function.

IMPORTANT: You HAVE TO return either an array or a Promise which will return an array from before function. This result will either be passed to run function of the command if defined, or to the main kd command you are wrapping.

  1. Try your command:
cd /your/node-kd/path
npm run run-cli -- example init
# => running init command 

or with npm link

cd /your/node-kd/path
npm link
kdx example init
# => running init command 
  1. Add functionality to an existing command:
// file => src/commands/template/create.js
// cmd => kdx template create
export default {
  before(args) {
    console.log(' before template create ')
    return args
  after(result) {
    console.log(' after template create ')
    return args

run in terminal:

kdx template create
# => before template create 
# => ... 
# => ... 
# => ... (running kd template create) 
# => ... 
# => ... 
# => after template create 

Since we didn't create a run function in src/commands/template/create.js it didn't override the main functionality of kd template create; it just ran before(args) before and after(result) after it.




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