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    Genocation theme

    A responsive theme for JSON Resume with Bootstrap, custom thumbnails for each section, animated level bar charts and floating navigation menu.


    To see a working demo, check out my resume at


    To use this theme, you must first install JSON Resume CLI using npm.

    sudo npm install -g resume-cli

    Once the client is installed, you can start creating your resume.json by typing resume init. You can also create your resume.json file using the guide provided in the JSON Resume Schema site. You can also check out the JSON Resume Schema repository for more details and updates.

    Use your own resume.json or try this theme with the placeholder resume.json available in the root folder.

    Download this theme

    To download a copy of this repository, run:

    git clone

    Install npm packages

    After navigating into the theme folder, install the npm dependencies by running:

    npm install

    This will read the local package.json and install the packages listed under dependencies.

    Serve theme

    Finally, still inside the theme folder, use the JSON Resume client installed before to serve your theme:

    resume serve

    If everything goes well, you will see this message:

    Preview: http://localhost:4000
    Press ctrl-c to stop

    You can now navigate into that URL and see your JSON Resume!


    This theme implements circular thumbnails (200x200px) displayed next to the resume sections. To configure your thumbnails, simply place the collection of images in the folder jsonresume-theme-genocation/public/img.

    The images should be:

    1. PNG
    2. Square (equal width and height)
    3. Ideally sized 200x200px
    4. Each image must be renamed with the title of its section in lowercase

    For each section, if no image is found in the public/img folder, a placeholder thumbnail will be placed instead.

    For example, an image that is intended to serve as a thumbnail for the "Awards" section, shall be renamed and placed this way:


    As an exception, if a profile picture URL is given in the JSON Resume file - as one of the parameters of the "Basics" section -, this will be placed on the basics thumbnail instead.

    Supported Social Profiles

    All the following social networks are supported by this theme - including their styling, icon and brand color:

    • Social Networks
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
      • Google+
    • Blogs
      • Blog (also RSS)
      • Tumblr
      • WordPress
    • Profesional Networks
      • Linkedin
      • AngelList
    • Code and Repositories
      • GitHub
      • Bitbucket
      • Stackoverflow
      • Codepen
      • JSFiddle
    • Photography and Design
      • Flickr
      • Instagram
      • 500px
      • Deviantart
      • Dribble
    • Video
      • YouTube
      • Vimeo
    • Music
      • Soundcloud
      • Spotify
      • LastFM
    • Other stuff
      • Pinterest
      • Steam
      • Reddit

    Skills and Language Charts

    The sections Skills and Languages can be shown as an animated bar chart that reflects the level of the skill with their width and color.

    To configure it, set the level parameter of each skill, and the fluency parameter of each language as per the following presets.

    Each level preset is mapped to a numeric value that can be modified in the file config.js.

    You can also edit the bar colors by modifying the background of the styles under the select .progress-bar in the styles.css file. At the bottom you can find a link to online tools that will help you generate cool CSS gradients.

    Skill Levels

    You can set the parameter level in each skill object with one of these keywords:

    1. Master (set to 99%)
    2. Advanced (set to 75%)
    3. Intermediate (set to 60%)
    4. Beginner (set to 50%)


    You can configure the parameter fluency in each language object with one of the following keywords:

    1. Native (set to 100%)
    2. Master (set to 80%)
    3. Advanced (set to 60%)
    4. Intermediate (set to 40%)
    5. Beginner (set to 20%)


    Available under the MIT license.




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