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Kattegat is a simple application server designed to make prototyping Javascript-based interactivity a bit smoother, yet without hiding too much of the real workings. Install Kattegat and play with the demos, or read the code documentation. There are also some basic sample projects which string together some snippets from the samples and relevant JS docs and show how things work in action - access those from your own Kattegat server once you've got it running.

It was originally developed for the Designing Interactive Artifacts course at the IT University of Copenhagen, and is now in use at Malmö University. We've also made some interactivity-oriented sketches which use Kattegat.

Please note that the server is not designed with any kind of access control. Use a firewall to restrict connections, and only run the server when you need it. It should NOT be used for any kind of production purposes.

What can it do?

  • Application server for serving static resources such as HTML, JS, CSS and images: Accessible from your own computer, or other devices on the same network
  • Includes the recent version of various client-side Javascript libraries (such as jQuery and lodash) to simplify development
  • Live reload for quick and easy experimentation with HTML, JS and CSS
  • Quick and easy HTTPS tunneling via ngrok
  • Persistent storage of small amounts of data and basic query capabilities (via nedb)
  • Simple realtime data exchange (via between devices
  • Interact with motors, sensors etc with a Tessel. Please see the companion project kattegat-tessel for more.
  • Plugins
    • Subscribing to updates in a Google Spreadsheet (ideal for interfacing with IFTTT)

Getting started

Read the Getting Started guide for how to install and update.

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npm i kattegat

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