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Test reporter, that prints detailed results to console (similar to mocha's spec reporter).


To use in your own Node.js project, just execute

npm install karma-spec-reporter --save-dev

This will download the karma-spec-reporter and add the dependency to package.json.

Then add 'spec' to reporters in karma.conf.js, e.g.

reporters: ['spec']

Take a look at the karma-spec-reporter-example repository to see the reporter in action.


To limit the number of lines logged per test or suppress specific reporting, use the specReporter configuration in your karma.conf.js file

      reporters: ["spec"],
      specReporter: {
        maxLogLines: 5,             // limit number of lines logged per test 
        suppressErrorSummary: true, // do not print error summary 
        suppressFailed: false,      // do not print information about failed tests 
        suppressPassed: false,      // do not print information about passed tests 
        suppressSkipped: true,      // do not print information about skipped tests 
        showSpecTiming: false,      // print the time elapsed for each spec 
        failFast: true              // test would finish with error when a first fail occurs.  
      plugins: ["karma-spec-reporter"],


Running tests

To run the tests for the index.js file, run: npm test

Generating Coverage

To see the coverage report for the module, run: npm run coverage