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A Karma reporter plugin. Reports overall results by playing mp3 file.


Report overall tests results using mp3 files.


This module in development and not published to npm yet. Also its dependency has unresolved but isolated issue.


While I am expecting suceess for all tests I don't want to switch attention to tests result on each file saving. In some cases I want to hear light green-signal about success, but it not so important. But if I broked something I'd like to pay attention.


The easiest way is to keep karma-mp3-reporter as a devDependency in your package.json.

  "devDependencies": {
    "karma": "~0.10",
    "karma-mp3-reporter": ""

You can simple do it by:

npm install karma-mp3-reporter --save-dev


// karma.conf.js 
module.exports = function(config) {
    reporters: ['progress', 'mp3'],
    // this section and all options is optional 
    mp3Reporter: {
      red:        '/path/to/red.mp3',         // in case of 'fail' or 'error' 
      green:      '/path/to/green.mp3',       // in case of 'success' 
      // following options will override 'red'/'green' options behaviour 
      fail:       '/path/to/fail.mp3',
      error:      '/path/to/error.mp3',
      success:    '/path/to/success.mp3',

You can pass list of reporters as a CLI argument too:

karma start --reporters mp3,dots

For more information on Karma see the homepage.