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karma-jspm includes the jspm module loader for karma runs. This allows dynamic loading of src/test files and modules. No longer do you need to worry about browserifying your src or tests before every test run!


Available in npm: npm install karma-jspm --save-dev

This plugin assumes you are using jspm in your project. You will need to have a config.js in the root of your project (though this is configurable) as well as a jspm_packages directory containing systemjs and the es6-module-loader.

This plugin can now support JSPM 0.17 beta



Include this plugin in your frameworks:

frameworks: ['jspm', 'jasmine'],

Karma auto loads plugins unless you specify a plugins config. If you have one, you'll also need to add it there:

plugins: ['karma-jspm', 'karma-phantomjs-launcher'],

The loadFiles configuration tells karma-jspm which files should be dynamically loaded via systemjs before the tests run. Globs or regular file paths are acceptable.

You should not include these in the regular karma files array. karma-jspm takes care of this for you.

jspm: {
    // Edit this to your needs
    loadFiles: ['src/**/*.js', 'test/**/*.js']

That's it!

Optional Configuration###

You may have named your jspm config.js file or jspm_packages directory something else. In this case simply add that to the jspm configuration in karma.conf.js:

jspm: {
    config: "myJspmConfig.js",
    packages: "my_jspm_modules/"

For JSPM 0.17 Beta, you have to specify the jspm.browser.js file.

jspm: {
    browser: "myJspmBrowser.js",

If you use jspm 0.17 beta >33 and are running tests in a browser without native Promise support (like phantomjs <2.5), you can load a polyfill by adding your file(s) in beforeFiles. For example, install babel-polyfill with npm install --save-dev babel-polyfill and then add the line below to the karma config:

jspm: {
    beforeFiles: ['node_modules/babel-polyfill/dist/polyfill.js']

You may want to make additional files/a file pattern available for jspm to load, but not load it right away. Simply add that to serveFiles. One use case for this is to only put test specs in loadFiles, and jspm will only load the src files when and if the test files require them. Such a config would look like this:

jspm: {
    loadFiles: ['test/**/*.js'],
    serveFiles: ['src/**/*.js']

By default karma-jspm ignores jspm's bundles configuration. To re-enable it, specify the useBundles option.

jspm: {
    useBundles: true

Depending on your framework and project structure it might be necessary to override jspm paths for the testing scenario. In order to do so just add the paths property to the jspm config object in your karma-configuration file, along with the overrides:

jspm: {
    paths: {
        '*': 'yourpath/*.js',

By default the plugin will strip the file extension of the js files. To disable that, specify the stripExtension option:

jspm: {
    stripExtension: false

Most of the time, you do not want to cache your entire jspm_packages directory, but serve it from the disk. This is done by default, but can be reversed as follows:

jspm: {
    cachePackages: true

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