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Karma Helpful Reporter gives you a customizable report after you run your Karma tests.


The errors from failed tests are displayed hierarchically based on the test suite and nesting level. console.log() messages are output at the bottom below the test summary and grouped by browser.

Setup & Options

Install with npm:

npm install --save-dev karma-helpful-reporter

Inside your karma.conf.js

  • add require('karma-helpful-reporter') to the plugins array
  • add 'helpful' to the reporters array

Optionally, add the helpfulReporter object with as many properties from the below set as you'd like.

  • The listed properties' values are the default ones
// karma.conf.js
module.exports = function(config) {
    plugins: [ require('karma-helpful-reporter') ],
    reporters: [ 'helpful' ],
    // Optional reporter settings
    helpfulReporter: {
      animationStyle: 'braille',
      clearScreenBeforeEveryRun: false,
      hideBrowser: false,
      maxLogLines: 42,
      removeLinesContaining: [],
      removeTail: false,
      renderOnRunCompleteOnly: false,
      suppressErrorReport: false,
      underlineFileType: '',
      colorBrowser: 205,
      colorConsoleLogs: 45,
      colorFail: 9,
      colorFirstLine: 211,
      colorLoggedErrors: 250,
      colorPass: 10,
      colorSkip: 11,
      colorTestName: 199,
      colorUnderline: 254,
Property Default Description
animationStyle 'braille' Set in-progress animation to 'braille', 'braille2', or emoji 'clock'.
clearScreenBeforeEveryRun false Clear screen before every run
hideBrowser true Hide browser name from the report
maxLogLines 42 Limit the maximum number of lines in report
removeLinesContaining [] Remove all lines from the final report containing any of these strings, e.g. ['@angular', 'zone.js']
removeTail false Remove from the final report anything that follows '<-', e.g. blah blah <- test.ts 4250:39 becomes blah blah
renderOnRunCompleteOnly false Do not animate while tests are running
suppressErrorReport false Suppress the error report at the end of the test run
underlineFileType '' Underline filename of some file type; all files in the error report that have this particular extention will be underlined, e.g. 'spec.ts'; set the color with the colorUnderline property
colorBrowser 224
colorConsoleLogs 45
colorFail 210
colorFirstLine 217
colorLoggedErrors 250
colorPass 154
colorSkip 117
colorTestName 210
colorUnderline 255

Set custom colors by using permitted cli-color numbers.


This project was copied from karma-nyan-reporter in July 2017 with intent to build on and improve its functionality. Code cleanup and refactoring will happen during August 2017.


npm i karma-helpful-reporter

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