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    What can I do with this?

    The framework can be used to build connectors, that transfer data to and from Apache Kafka and Databases, very easily. If you are looking for already implemented connectors for you favorite datastore, take a look at the Available Connector Implementations below.


    • node-kafka-connect is a framework to implement large kafka -> datastore & datastore -> kafka data movements.
    • it can be used to easily built connectors from/to kafka to any kind of datastore/database.
    • a connector might consist of a SourceConnector + SourceTask to poll data from a datastore into a kafka topic.
    • a connector might consist of a SinkConnector + SinkTask to put data from a kafka topic into a datastore.
    • Converters might be used to apply alteration to any data-stream.
    • any operation in node-kafka-connect is asynchronous
    • ships with auto http server (health-checks, kafka-stats)
    • ships with auto metrics (prometheus)

    A note on native mode

    If you are using the native mode (config: { noptions: {} }). You will have to manually install node-rdkafka alongside kafka-connect. (This requires a Node.js version between 9 and 12 and will not work with Node.js >= 13, last tested with 12.16.1)

    On Mac OS High Sierra / Mojave: CPPFLAGS=-I/usr/local/opt/openssl/include LDFLAGS=-L/usr/local/opt/openssl/lib yarn add --frozen-lockfile node-rdkafka@2.7.4

    Otherwise: yarn add --frozen-lockfile node-rdkafka@2.7.4

    (Please also note: Doing this with npm does not work, it will remove your deps, npm i -g yarn)

    Available Connector Implementations

    Creating custom Connectors

    yarn add kafka-connect
    const source = new TestSourceConfig(config, 
    const sink = new TestSinkConfig(config,



    • You can use DEBUG=kafka-connect:* to debug the sink configuration.


    • Q: it is running slow / only synchronous / 1 by 1 messages ?
    • A: just set the config.batch object as it is described here


    npm i kafka-connect

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