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Nailgun client


JVMPin provides a nodejs implementation of the nailgun protocol.

Information about nailgun can be found at While the nailgun native library and java dependencies can either be found at sourceforge or resolved via the maven repository using the dependency:


The JVMPin library can be installed via npm by adding the following to your package.json's dependencies or devDependencies sections:

    "jvmpin": "1.x"

You will need to start your nailgun instance in another process (this is a task I leave to the reader).

Then simply connect to the nailgun instance using:

var jvmpin = require('jvmpin');
var proc = jvmpin.createConnection(1234, 'localhost').spawn('your.main.Class');
// now to take over the currently running context by binding stdio 
proc.on('exit', function(c) { process.exit(); })

For more information please consult the API Documentation

Eric McCarthy Markus Hedvall

Copyright © 215 Benjamin Conlan

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License.