Nailgun client


JVMPin provides a nodejs implementation of the nailgun protocol.

Information about nailgun can be found at http://www.martiansoftware.com/nailgun/. While the nailgun native library and java dependencies can either be found at sourceforge or resolved via the maven repository using the dependency:


The JVMPin library can be installed via npm by adding the following to your package.json's dependencies or devDependencies sections:

"jvmpin": "1.x"

You will need to start your nailgun instance in another process (this is a task I leave to the reader).

Then simply connect to the nailgun instance using:

var jvmpin = require('jvmpin');
var proc = jvmpin.createConnection(1234, 'localhost').spawn('your.main.Class');
// now to take over the currently running context by binding stdio 
proc.on('exit', function(c) { process.exit(); })

For more information please consult the API Documentation

Eric McCarthy Markus Hedvall

Copyright © 215 Benjamin Conlan

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License.