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generate random string for api keys, passwords ...


JavaScript random string generator.

Can be used for generating random string for api keys, passwords ...

npm package

npm install just.randomstring

use in node.js

var randomstring = require('just.randomstring');
  • download just.randomstring.js from GitHub
  • include on your page: <script src="just.randomstring.js"></script>

randomstring can be used in node.js or on client side in browser

var randomstring = randomstring();
var randomstring = just.randomstring();

length of random string (default 20)


var rs = randomstring(); // returns "ElZOtlOSLn49GeKLev2O"
var rs = randomstring(5); // returns "Erf7g"

type of characters that will be used for string generating (default numbers_uppercases_lowercases)

type can be numbers, uppercases, lowercases or combination of those separated with _


var rs = randomstring(20, 'numbers'); // returns "78394850802905961074"
var rs = randomstring(15, 'numbers_uppercases'); // returns "PXL3AE2USI7ZDQ2"

randomstring.array() will return array of 5 random strings by default

accepts 3 params, where first one is length of array, while second and third are the same as for randomstring()


var rs = randomstring.array(20); // returns array of 20 random strings
var rs = randomstring.array(5, 30, 'numbers'); // returns array of 5 random strings with 30 character length types of numbers