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generate random color and converts to desired format


JavaScript random color generator

npm package

npm install just.randomcolor

use in node.js

var RandomColor = require('just.randomcolor');
  • download just.RandomColor.js from GitHub
  • include on your page: <script src="just.RandomColor.js"></script>


for one color var color = new RandomColor(options);

for array of colors var colors = new RandomColor(options, length);


var color = new just.RandomColor(options);
var colors = new just.RandomColor(options, length);

options Options are optionaly max and min values for each of rbga components. Example:

var options = {
	r: [50, 60], 
	g: [100,200],
	a: [0.3, 0.7]

color = new RandomColor(options);

length length of array of colors (default 1)

***for one color***
color.value; // {r: 56, g: 195, b: 227, a: 0.6}

***for array of colors***
colors.colors; // each element in array have `value` property


Converts color value to hexadecimal presentation

color.toHex().value; // "38c3e3"
colors.toHex().colors; // each element in array have `value` property


Converting to RGB format

color.toRGB().value; // {r: 56, g: 195, b: 227}
colors.toRGB().colors; // each element in array have `value` property


Converting to RGBA format

color.toRGBA().value; // {r: 56, g: 195, b: 227, a: 0.6}
colors.toRGBA().colors; // each element in array have `value` property


Return CSS color string

color.toHex().toCSS(); // "#38c3e3"
color.toRBG().toCSS(); // "rgb(56,195,227)"
color.toRGBA().toCSS(); // "rgba(56,195,227,0.6)"

colors.toHex().toCSS; // [ '#bc98c8', '#3ab85f', '#321da0', '#251c2f', '#c44d5a' ]
colors.toRBG().toCSS(); // [ 'rgb(131,174,178)', 'rgb(218,8,251)','rgb(93,224,26)']


Re-generate color value

color.refresh().value; // {r: 60, g: 175, b: 178, a: 0.6}
colors.refresh().colors; // each element in array have `value` property