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UPM (Useful Packages & Modules) Sensor/Actuator repository for MRAA

The UPM repository provides software drivers for a wide variety of commonly used sensors and actuators. These software drivers interact with the underlying hardware platform (or microcontroller), as well as with the attached sensors, through calls to MRAA APIs.

These packages contain sources for the respective UPM modules and will compile locally on the target using node-gyp when installed. They support Node.js 0.10 or newer.


The UPM modules have a hard dependency on MRAA, thus you will have to install it first. Also, make sure Node can find MRAA by updating the NODE_PATH variable if necessary. A global installation is preferred:

npm install mraa -g

After this, to install a UPM module using npm simply type:

npm install jsupm_<module-name> -g


Unfortunately, due to the way node-gyp builds MRAA and UPM, the platform initialization hooks are lost. This means you will have to do it manually, and require MRAA before you load a UPM module:

var lib = require('jsupm_<module-name>');

Supported Sensors

The full list is available on Intel® IoT Developer Zone.

IDE Integration

Intel® XDK IoT Edition is the recommended IDE for Node.js development. Visit the Intel® Developer Zone IDE page for more information on how to get started.

Intel XDK

Building UPM

See building documentation here.

Making your own UPM module

Our porting link has more information on making new UPM modules. Also check out our main Github page as we do have some guidelines if you would like to contribute your modules to the library.

API Documentation

Our Node.js documentation pages are hosted here. For other supported languages and their APIs please visit our main Github page.

API Compatibility

Even if we try our best not to, every once in a while we are forced to modify our API in a way that will break backwards compatibility. If you find yourself unable to run code that was working fine before a library update, make sure you check the API changes section first.


Version changelog here.

Known Limitations

List of known limitations here.

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