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    jsontool is now called simply 'json'. Please update your dependencies.


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    json is a fast CLI tool for working with JSON. It is a single-file node.js script with no external deps (other than node.js itself). A quick taste:

    $ echo '{"foo":"bar"}' | json
      "foo": "bar"
    $ echo '{"foo":"bar"}' | json foo
    $ echo '{"age":10}' | json -E 'this.age++'
      "age": 11
    $ echo '{"latency":32,"req":"POST /widgets"},
    {"latency":10,"req":"GET /ping"}
    ' | json -gaC 'this.latency > 10' req
    POST /widgets


    • pretty-printing JSON
    • natural syntax (like JS code) for extracting particular values
    • get details on JSON syntax errors (handy for config files)
    • filter input JSON (see -E and -C options)
    • fast stream processing
    • JSON validation
    • in-place file editing

    See for full docs and examples as a man page.

    Follow @trentmick for updates to jsontool.


    1. Get node.

    2. npm install -g jsontool (NOT npm install json, that's something else :|)

    OR manually:

    1. Get the 'json' script and put it on your PATH somewhere (it is a single file with no external dependencies). For example:

       cd ~/bin
       curl -L > json
       chmod 755 json

    You should now have "json" on your PATH:

    $ json --version
    json 7.0.0

    WARNING for Ubuntu/Debian users: There is a current bug in Debian stable such that "apt-get install nodejs" installed a nodejs binary instead of a node binary. You'll either need to create a symlink for node, change the json command's shebang line to "#!/usr/bin/env nodejs" or use chrislea's PPA as discussed on issue #56.

    Test suite

    make test

    You can also limit (somewhat) which tests are run with the TEST_ONLY envvar, e.g.:

    cd test && TEST_ONLY=executable nodeunit test.js

    I test against node 0.4 (less so now), 0.6, 0.8, and 0.10.


    MIT (see the fine LICENSE.txt file).

    Module Usage

    Since v1.3.1 you can use "jsontool" as a node.js module:

    var jsontool = require('jsontool');

    However, so far the module API isn't that useful and the CLI is the primary focus.

    Alternatives you might prefer


    npm i jsontool

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