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jsonrender is a

  • Stream wrapper around the mustache handlebars implementation
  • Command line tool for rendering handlebars templates
  • A very small node module that wraps around handlebars to offer an express-like mechanism for embedding a body temlpate inside a layout template


As a module

var jsonrender = require('jsonrender');
var template = '<foo>{{bar}}</foo>';
var layout = '<baz>{{>body}}</baz>';
var render = jsonrender.compile(template);
var renderWithLayout = jsonrender.compile(template, layout);
console.log(render({ bar: 'buh' }));
// '<foo>buh</foo>' 
console.log(renderWithLayout({ bar: 'buh' });
// '<baz><foo>buh</foo></baz>' 

As a command line utility

$ cat template.hbs
$ cat layout.hbs
$ echo '{title: "The Title"}' | jsonrender --template template.hbs
<h1>The Title</h1>
$ echo '{title: "The Title"}' | jsonrender --template template.hbs \
  --layout layout.hbs
<head></head><body><h1>The Title</h1></body>