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An implementation of the JSONPatch and JSONPointer IETF RFCs that works in Node.JS and the Browser (as a plain module or with AMD).

A Dharmafly project written by Thomas Parslow tom@almostobsolete.net and released with the kind permission of NetDev.

For full documentation, see jsonpatchjs.com

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Quick Example

    mydoc = {
      "baz": "qux",
      "foo": "bar"
    thepatch = [
      { "op": "replace", "path": "/baz", "value": "boo" }
    patcheddoc = jsonpatch.apply_patch(mydoc, thepatch);
    // patcheddoc now equals {"baz": "boo", "foo": "bar"}}

And that's all you need for basic use. If the patch is invalid or won't apply then you'll get an error thrown. The original doc is NOT mutated so you can use it for other things afterwards, mutating the document is supported via a flag if you need it.

For more see the docs.

Is it any good?

Yes, I hope so

Does it work in the browser?

Yes. The tests will run in the browser as well if you want to check. It's been tested in modern browsers and even in IE6!

Does it work with Node.JS?

Yes. Install with:

npm install jsonpatch

Are there tests?

Yes, there are tests. It also passes JSHint. You can (and should) run the tests yourself by running this from the project directory:

npm test

Or you can open test/runner.html in a browser of your choice.

We're using Travis and Testling CI to automatically run the tests on Node.JS and in a range of browsers every time a change is commited to this repository. The badges at the top of this readme display the current build status (which should always be passing).

Origin of the project

Dharmafly is currently working to create a collaboration web app for NetDev that comprises a Node.js RESTful API on the back-end and an HTML5 Backbone.js application on the front. The JSONPatch library was created as an essential part of the RESTful API, and has been subsequently open sourced for the community with NetDev's permission.

I've fixed/improved stuff

Great! Send me a pull request through GitHub or get in touch on Twitter @almostobsolete or email at tom@almostobsolete.net

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