A sane JSONP implementation.


A simple JSONP implementation.

Install for node.js or browserify using npm:

$ npm install jsonp

Install for component(1) using component:

$ component install LearnBoost/jsonp
  • url (String) url to fetch
  • opts (Object), optional
    • param (String) name of the query string parameter to specify the callback (defaults to callback)
    • timeout (Number) how long after a timeout error is emitted. 0 to disable (defaults to 60000)
    • prefix (String) prefix for the global callback functions that handle jsonp responses (defaults to __jp)
  • fn callback

The callback is called with err, data parameters.

If it times out, the err will be an Error object whose message is Timeout.

Returns a function that, when called, will cancel the in-progress jsonp request (fn won't be called).