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Generates a copy of all or part of a JSON object, renaming keys and/or otherwise transforming the object in the process.

I found myself needing to write this code a few times in an app that needed to submit the same data to different APIs, each of which had different names for each field, so here's a module for it. Other potential uses are to update a set of JSON documents all at once, in case you decide to change a field name in your NoSQL database.


var thing = {
  top_level: {
    nested: true
  value: 23

var mapping = {
  denest: "top_level.nested",
  new_name: "value"

var copy = transcribe(mapping, thing);
//=> {denest: true, new_name: 23}

Want to extract a set of keys into an array or a nested object? Fine, just tell transcribe what values you want:

var src = {value1: 1, value2: 2, value3: 3}

# final value will be an array
var arrayMapping = {
  arr: ['value1', 'value2', 'value3']
var copy = transcribe(arrayMapping, src)
//=> {arr: [1, 2, 3]}

# final value will be an object
var objectMapping = {
  foo: {
    one: "value1",
    two: "value2",
    three: "value3"
copy = transcribe(objectMapping, src)
//=> { foo: {one: 1, two: 2, three: 3} }

You can also use the "extract" function used to get at nested elements. Just use simple dot-notation:

var v = transcribe.extract("top_level.nested", thing);
//=> true

var a = transcribe.extract(['top_level.nested', 'value'], thing);
//=> [true, 23]