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JSON Schema Form Core

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Core library for working with JSON-Schema with a UI-Schema (Form) definition that doesn't depend on a framework.

This library, through the use of its merge module, combines the schema and ui-schema into a canonical schema for use by its services and external libraries.

You DO NOT use this file in addition to Angular Schema Form, it is embedded at build into any frameworks using it.


There is test output that forms some super basic documentation and I intend to expand them much further to the point of almost being useful before I create a proper API and document that.

Keeping Track

After changing to Webpack 2, this library now includes a detailed version header which is passed through into Angular Schema Form and also the Bootstrap decorator bundle

 * json-schema-form-core
 * @version 1.0.0-alpha.5
 * @date Sat, 14 Jan 2017 08:08:15 GMT
 * @link https://github.com/json-schema-form/json-schema-form-core
 * @license MIT
 * Copyright (c) 2014-2017 JSON Schema Form

Contributing / Plans

The main contributions we need to the core at the moment are related to both the migration of Angular Schema Form features to the core (like templates/builders) and the addition of an API for use by ASF (Angular) and RSF (React) libraries.

Please contact @Anthropic via our Gitter if you wish to get involved.

Testing it

With Angular Schema Form

There is a branch in angular-schema-form called feature/webpack-babel that integrates the core. To use it roughly follow these steps:

  • Clone angular-schema-form to a sibling directory and switch to branch feature/webpack-babel
  • npm install to install dependencies
  • npm run build to build with the core.
  • Use dist/angular-schema-form.js, now with the core from this folder. No need to also load ObjectPath since it is already included

With Mocha tests

Tests are written in mocha + chai and run trough npm test.

When the command npm run testdoc is run instead, the tests will also generate a readable markdown file test.md to document elements of the library.


  • ObjectPath is bundled with json-schema-form-core
  • angular-schema-form bundles json-schema-form-core so the user doesn't have to include it as an dependency.
  • The code for not using ObjectPath on Angular 1.2 is removed. Could maybe be fixed but I (davidlgj) strongly believe its time to drop Angular 1.2 support since it complicates validation code as well.

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