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JSON Schema Converter

A translation and validation library between JSON Schema and any other schema.

Don't get locked into your database schema forever- make sure you can always use the latest, most buggy most trendy database with minimal work.

With the JSON Schema converter, you can also validate your schemas. No matter what db client you're using, you can be confident a schema matches what the client expects.

Currently supported:


npm install json-schema-converter


{inspect} = require 'util'
json_schema = require 'json-schema-converter'
your_schema = require 'your_schema.json'
# to make sure - validate returns a structure that describes the error 
unless json_schema.is_valid your_schema
  throw new Error "JSON Schema is invalid, error is: #{inspect json_schema.validate(your_schema)}"
# the actual conversion 
your_mongoose_schema = json_schema.to_mongoose_schema your_schema
# now instantiate 
your_mongoose_object = new mongoose.Schema your_mongoose_schema
# and you're on your way... 
# want to convert back? See the examples! 

See the examples for usage.

Future Path

Right now we only support Mongoose schemas, but we hope to translate any schema to JSON schema and back as effortlessly as possible.