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streaming json parser


emits elements of a json document as they're available. similar to JSONStream, but emits everything instead of a specified path.

var fs = require('fs')
  , parse = require('json-parse-stream')
  .on('data', function(element) {
/* truncated output:
{ type: 'string'
, value: 'json-parse-stream'
, key: 'name'
, parent: [parent object] }

parse() instances are readable/writable streams.

their data events take the following form:

{ type: ['object', 'array', 'string', 'number', 'null', 'boolean']
, value: <the value represented at this node>
, key: "the key from the parent to this element" | undefined (for root objects)
, parent: <the parent node> }

you will get events for elements in order of most specific to least specific.

JSONParse is awesome, but the requirement of providing a path function precludes you from asking for multiple paths at once.

As a bonus, the output of json-parse-stream will make it easy to write a wrapper for CSSauron for querying.