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Json-db is lightweight database for your node.js app.

It uses an HTTP request to handle the data transfer and saves objects as .json files to your hard drive and comes with absolutly no dependencies. Pure Javascript. Yeah.

Implemented Yet

  • Authentification
  • Push
  • All

Features to be implemented soon

  • Pop
  • Remove
  • Update
  • Peak

A bit more detail please

Sure. Json-db is a fully RESTful json-only database. it stores items in collections, each collection can be seen as an JSON array.

List All

With the basic namespace, a collection can be accessed this way:

GET /node-js/collection

This will respond something like this


Push Item

To push a new row to this collection, simply send a POST with some JSON in it.

POST /node-js/collection

Followed by this response

{"push": {

Authentification please

Well, check this out: Basic access authentication


Hooray, Json-db comes with an client build in. Please check out "How to use it?" for further information.

How to use it?

Json-db is designed to easily integrate with your application. Please check out test/common.js for a simple use-case. More info to follow.