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Fill in a stream of json, with a Dam of data!

Takes a stream of objects or ndjson, and creates a singular object out of it.

Its like getting the puzzle pieces, and putting it together into the finished puzzle!


Take a stream of ndjson and convert it to an object:

var jsonDam = require('json-dam')
ndjsonStream.pipe(jsonDam((error, thePuzzle) => {
  // Here we have the filled out puzzle content!

Or pipe an object stream in like so to get an object out:

var jsonDam = require('json-dam')
objectStream.pipe(jsonDam({objectMode: true}, (error, thePuzzle) => {
  // Here we have the filled out puzzle content!


  jsonDam(options, function callback (error, parsedObject) { })


  • options: an optional object that can take the following properties to configure the parser (all properties below default to false)

    • objectMode: A boolean that says if this will receive a stream of objects. Defaluts to false as by default it expects ndjson.
    • ignoreErrors: A boolean that says if this should ignore errorable inputs (a string by itself, etc.)
    • strictObjectMode: A boolean that says if this should return an error if two objects with the same key are passed in (excluding arrays)
    • strictArrayMode: A boolean that says if this should return an error if two objects with the same key are passed in (including arrays).
  • callback: A required function that takes the following params:

    • error: if there was an error parsing the inputs
    • parsedObject: the parsed object that was filled in by the parser


The stream isn't very smart, some things to keep in mind:

  • The most recently piped in properties are the ones output on the parsed object if strict mode is disabled. Example below...
  someStream.pipe({objectMode: true}, jsonDam((err, obj) => {
    // obj.foo === 'version2'
  someStream.write({foo: 'version1'})
  someStream.write({foo: 'version2'})
  • Piped in objects with properties that are arrays get combined, if strictArrayMode is disabled...
  someStream.pipe({objectMode: true}, jsonDam((err, obj) => {
    // obj.foo === 'version2'
  someStream.write({foo: 'version1'})
  someStream.write({foo: 'version2'})

I recommend checking out the tests to get a full understanding of the usage of this module.


Thanks to Matteo Collina for taking a look at this in the early stages.

Thanks to Rob Jefe Lindstaet for talking about the initial idea with me.


Copyright Glen Keane and other contributors, Licensed under MIT.

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