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Javascript mime-type resolver


npm i jsmime

Usage and examples

This package is ready for both CommonJS and ES Modules including type definitions for both

You can directly import the desired method or just import it as a module. Both approaches should work:

import jsmime from 'jsmime';
// or
import {resolveMimetype} from 'jsmime';
// or
const jsmime = require('jsmime');
// or
const {resolveMimetype} = require('jsmime');

resolveMimetype method

resolveMimetype works with both filenames, extensions and mime-types directly. Extensions don't need a leading dot '.' in order to work:

// Using filenames
resolveMimetype('app.js');                      // Resolves to {extensions: ['js'], description: 'JavaScript', mimetypes: ['text/javascript']}

// Using extensions
resolveMimetype('7z');                          // Resolves to {extensions: ['7z'], description: '7-zip archive', mimetypes: ['application/x-7z-compressed']}
resolveMimetype('.7z');                         // Also resolves to {extensions: ['7z'], description: '7-zip archive', mimetypes: ['application/x-7z-compressed']}

// Using mime-type
resolveMimetype('text/javascript');             // Resolves to {extensions: ['js'], description: 'JavaScript', mimetypes: ['text/javascript']}

// It resolves to undefined when it fails to find a mime-type
resolveMimetype('long_text/javascript_2.0');    // Resolves to undefined

Problems and roadmap

The same extension can mean different mime-types. For now the the first defined mime-type in the package is returned. For example when matching ts it could mean text/typescript or video/mp2t. In later versions, a priority feature will be implemented to partially fix this problem.

For now there is no way to override mime-type definitions or add more types, this will be added in later versions too.

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