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    JavaScript Modelling Framework (JSMF)


    JSMF is a set of tool for model management in javascript, which can either be embedded in a browser or run in nodejs. The library is split in diverse components that can be imported separately to fit your needs.

    The library is composed of the following components:

    • core: The core library, to define model and model instances.
    • jstl: A library for iJSMF model transformations.
    • magellan: A library for model navigation and model queries.
    • neo4j: Neo4j backend for JSMF models.
    • json: Serialization of jsmf models as JSON.

    Aside these libraries, the examples folders contains some example about the global usage of the libraries.


    ES6 and node (version >= 4.0)

    The easiest way to install jsmf is to use npm. For stability purpose, we recommend you to install the last stable (or almost) release:

    $ npm install jsmf

    Client JSMF

    If you need to use JSMF in the browser, you can just load JSMF as a library (~100kb):

    <script type="text/javascript" src="https://git.list.lu/jsmf/jsmf-browser/blob/master/dist/jsmf-browser.min.js"></script>

    This script expose a jsmf object that contains all the functions exported by the JSMF module.

    Other libraries

    Besides the battery includes jsmf library, one can also use the yUML component, to obtain a yUML diagram of a JSMF metamodel.

    Stability warning

    JSMF is under active development, the API is not stable at the moment and can change signifantly in the future releases.

    Authors and Copyright

    JSMF is developped by the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST). You can see the license file for more information about the license and the contributors file for more information about the authors and contributors to the project.


    npm i jsmf

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