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    jsHarmony CMS Host


    • Node.js


    1. Install the jsHarmony CMS Host, if not already installed

      npm install -g jsharmony-cms-host
    2. Create an empty folder

      mkdir cms-files
      cd cms-files
    3. Run the jsHarmony CMS Host

      jsharmony-cms-host .

      Keep the program running. This will connect to the CMS server (in this case, and wait for files to get sent via publish.

      If jsharmony-cms-host doesn't start, ensure the Node.js npm folder is in your system PATH variable.

      See below for additional command line parameters and flags. Username and password can be specified in the command line.

    4. Add a new Deployment Target, selecting the following options:

      Deployment Type: CMS Deployment Host
      Host ID: [Click Browse to select Name of Computer]
    5. Publish your CMS Branch to the new Deployment Target. The jsharmony-cms-host program should download the files into the new "cms-files" folder from step 2.


    :::jsHarmony CMS Host:::
    Usage: jsharmony-cms-host [cms_url] [target_path] [options]
    cms_url       - URL to the CMS server, ex:
    target_path   - Location where CMS files will be copied.  Use "." for current directory
    The following options are available:
    --username [username]        - CMS server login username
    --password [password]        - CMS server login password
    --host-id [host_id]          - ID of the host, to be displayed in the CMS deployment wizard
                                     If not specified, current machine name will be used
    --log [log_path]             - Log messages and errors to target path
    --delete-excess-files        - Delete excess files in target_path that are not in the publish build
    --overwrite-all              - Always replace all local files, instead of comparing size and MD5
    --ignore-cert-errors         - Ignore Certificate Errors (ex. for self-signed certificates)
    --ignore-path [path]         - Ignore a file or folder:
                                     folder/   (folder anywhere)
                                     file.txt  (file.txt anywhere)
                                     /folder/  (folder in root)
                                     /file.txt (file.txt in root)
    --download [deployment_id]   - Download an individual deployment


    npm i jsharmony-cms-host

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