Documented javascript source files in, doclet data out.

#jsdoc-parse Jsdoc-annotated javascript source files in, dmd input data out.

##Compatible Platforms Tested on Mac OSX, Linux, Windows 8.1 and Windows XP.

##As a command-line tool Useful for quick access to the data..


$ npm install -g jsdoc-parse


$ jsdoc-parse <src_files>
$ cat <src_files> | jsdoc-parse 

Usage form 2 edge case warning: jsdoc-parse will intepret whatever is piped in as a single file, so take care not to pipe in input containing multipe @modules as this is illegal in jsdoc (see here):

The @module tag marks the current file as being its own module. All symbols in the file are assumed to be members of the module unless documented otherwise.


echo "/** a wonderful global */ var majestic = true;" | jsdoc-parse
    "description""a wonderful global",

##As a library For use within node.js.


$ npm install jsdoc-parse --save

###API Reference Exports a single function (parse) to parse jsdoc data.


var parse = require("jsdoc-parse");

####parse(src, options) ⏏ Documented javascript source files in, doclet data out.


  • src string | Array.<string> - source file(s) to parse
  • options object - options
    • [stats] boolean - Return stats about the doclets parsed
    • [private] boolean - include @private members in the output

Returns: Stream - a readable stream containing the parsed json data
Code like this:


would output something like:

    "description": "Exports a single function (`parse`) to parse jsdoc data.",
    "kind": "module",
    "name": "jsdoc-parse",
    "examples": [
      "```js\nvar parse = require(\"jsdoc-parse\");\n```"
    "longname": "module:jsdoc-parse"

documented by jsdoc-to-markdown