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An API documentation generator for JavaScript.

JSDoc 3

An API documentation generator for JavaScript.

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JSDoc supports Node.js 0.10 and later. You can install JSDoc in your project's node_modules folder, or you can install it globally.

To install the latest version available on NPM:

npm install jsdoc

To install the latest development version:

npm install git+

If you installed JSDoc locally, the JSDoc command-line tool is available in ./node_modules/.bin. To generate documentation for the file yourJavaScriptFile.js:

./node_modules/.bin/jsdoc yourJavaScriptFile.js

Or if you installed JSDoc globally, simply run the jsdoc command:

jsdoc yourJavaScriptFile.js

By default, the generated documentation is saved in a directory named out. You can use the --destination (-d) option to specify another directory.

Run jsdoc --help for a complete list of command-line options.

The JSDoc community has created numerous templates and other tools to help you generate and customize your documentation. Here are just a few:

JSDoc 3 is copyright (c) 2011-present Michael Mathews and the contributors to JSDoc.

JSDoc 3 is free software, licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See the file in this distribution for more details.