combine your js code use /* requires */ comments



JSCombiner is similar like nzakas's combiner tools. So, your can see he's introducing for this tools idea. http://www.nczonline.net/blog/2009/09/22/introducing-combiner-a-javascriptcss-concatenation-tool/

But, your need to provide the entry file name of the dependency start, this is different places with nzakas combiner.

If you use npm:

npm install jscombiner

If you don't use npm, clone this repository or download the latest version using the GitHub repository Downloads link.

This module contains one function called combiner():

> var jscombiner = require('jscombiner').combiner;
> jscombiner({
		entryFile : '/path/to/main.js',
		delimiter : '',
		banner : '',
		basePath : '' 

It also adds the jscombiner command:

$ jscombiner -h
usage: <script> [options]

   -e, --entry_file    entry file
   -o, --output_file   Output file (default stdout)
   -p, --base_path     require file's base path
   -d, --delimiter     mutilple file delimiter
   -b, --banner        all code top banner comments

$ jscombiner -e main.js