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JSBridge for jsvascript

  • request format: protocol://host:port/url[params]
    • eg: jsbridge://kjc/{"type":"action","name":"share","callback":"callback_1466131023000"}
    • eg: (supposed) jsbridge://kjc/action/share?callback=callback_1466131023000&title=title
  • params
    • protocol:
      • customize protocol name
      • cannot use protocols like http https ftp etc.
    • host & port & url
      • for dispatch
      • host and port can be empty
    • params
      • data you want to send
      • can be key-value string like original url


This is a very-base realization of JSBridge.

It is mainly for pages embedded in native app to communicate with their host by breaking webview;


The package provides two methods, invoke for javascript and callback for native app.

The Communication only could be called up in javascript,and then native app can reply sth. with callback.

(Calling up in native app would support in the next version);


  • Javascript side
// node environment (webpack or es6) 
const JSBridge = require('jsbridge').init('jsbridge','localhost');
JSBridge.invoke('action',{key: value},(params) => { console.log(params) });
// original javascript 
// <script src='node_modules/jsbridge/dist/index.js'></script> 
JSBridge.invoke('action',{key: value},(params) => { console.log(params) });

API methods

  • init(protocol,hostname,port,isjson)
    • init url preferences(try not to call it again, it would cover globally)
    • if isjson is true, all params would padding by json-object instead of key-value
  • invoke(url,params,callback)
    • call up a communication with native app
  • callback(callbackname,params)
    • callback a function pass by invoke