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JSAutoGUI is an npm package for node.js. Inspired by pyautogui from python. (but noticably faster and better)

How to use?

You can install the jsautogui to your project by typing this in your terminal:

npm install jsautogui

After this you can start using the package by importing it:

import jsautogui from "jsautogui"; // in modulejs
// or
const jsautogui = require("jsautogui"); // in commonjs

Now you can access the functionalities of jsautogui through this variable!

You can see a list of all functions in here: JSAutoGUI Wiki

How to contribute/fork/edit?

To alter the C++ codes this project has you have to include some libraries.

First start by cloning this project to your local machine by using this command line:

git clone https://github.com/OguzhanUmutlu/jsautogui.git

Which should create a jsautogui folder into the cd you are in, in your terminal.

For anything to work you will need to install Node.js: https://nodejs.org/en/download

Then install node-gyp for node's addon api to be integrated by using the following command file:

npm install -g node-gyp

I am using VSC for editing the C++ editing and Intellij for JS editing.

So the rest of the instructions will depend on VSC. (You can contribute to this README by adding more editor instructions!)

Install the C/C++ Extension Pack in the Extensions tab which is located in the left of the VSC editor.

Press CTRL SHIFT P in VSC to open up the command palette then type in C/C++: Edit Configurations (JSON) and press Enter.

Now you should have the configuration file created at .vscode/c_cpp_properties.json.

Now you can add the required paths by putting them in the includePath.

Now since you have node installed you should have the node api files too.

Its location is(usually):

  • For Windows: C:\Program Files\nodejs\include\node OR C:\Users\HP\AppData\Local\node-gyp\Cache\19.8.1\include\node (replace 19.8.1 with your node version)
  • For Linux: /usr/include/node
  • For macOS: /usr/local/include/node

Put the path into the includePath list and let's continue.

You will also need the windows and linux(x11) header files. (You can contribute to this README by adding the instructions to install the remaining includePaths!)




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