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ES6 + a little more on top of ES5


In short, es2pi is a collection of ES6 polyfills + methods missing even in ES6.

Why reinvent the wheel?


  • shims/polyfills found to date are not quite optimal, especially Map and Set.
  • If you want just Map/Set, see
  • ES6 is rather inconsistent in the choice of methods, like...
  • Adding String.prototype.repeat while Array.prototype.repeat is missing. You should be able to go like var a = [0].repeat(42);
  • Type.isType is available only for Array.
  • typeof null === null is welcome but shouldn't we add Object.typeOf, too?
  • and the .typeOf() methods like 'JavaScript'.typeOf() === 'string' ?
  • and look, is definitely better than, 42) !

Thanks to ES5, it is now safe to extend Object.prototype via Object.defineProperty yet we are still too afraid. Underscore.js is a great hack but a hack nontheless. Isn't it time to stop wrapping JavaScript's bad parts and extend its good parts?

What is es2pi named after?

2π is a little bigger than 6, isn't it?

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