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    Universal Module for Secure Random Generator in JavaScript

    npm version License: MIT

    WARNING: At this time this solution should be considered suitable for research and experimentation, further code and security review is needed before utilization in a production application.

    Introduction and Overview

    This library is designed to 'universally' provide functions of random sequence generators, i.e., it works both on most modern browsers and on Node.js just by importing from NPM/source code. Note that in the design principle, the library fully utilizes native APIs like WebCrypto API to accelerate its operation if available.


    At your project directory, do either one of the following.

    • From npm/yarn:
      $ npm install --save js-crypto-random // npm
      $ yarn add js-crypto-random // yarn
    • From GitHub:
      $ git clone
      $ cd js-crypto-utils/packages/js-crypto-random
      & yarn build

    Then you should import the package as follows.

    import random from 'js-crypto-random'; // for npm
    import random from 'path/to/js-crypto-random/dist/index.js'; // for github

    The bundled file is also given as js-crypto-random/dist/jscrandom.bundle.js for a use case where the module is imported as a window.jscrandom object via script tags.


    Generate random byte sequence

    // now you get an Uint8Array of 32 bytes filled with randomly generated values
    const randomBytes = random.getRandomBytes(32);

    Generate random ascii sequence

    // now you get a string of 32 ASCII characters generated in a cryptographically random manner
    const randomAscii = random.getRandomAsciiString(32);


    Licensed under the MIT license, see LICENSE file.


    npm i js-crypto-random

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