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Advanced JS Class

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cd path/to/this/repo
npm install


It's a priviledge to welcome you to the Advanced JS Class! Today we're going to look at getting the best from the JS of today and the near future: ES6 and beyond.

The class is exercise driven, so it's worth having a glance over the below to learn how to run the exercises.


# here are the slides, in HTML format, yours to take home and enjoy! simply open slides/index.html in your favourite brower 
# whenever we're working on an exercise together, I'll point you to an exercise subfolder 


Each exercise is a subfolder. You check your work by navigating to the folder in your terminal and running npm run verify.

Some exercises have an exercise.js file. Some have a start-here.js file where we right tests - this is for learning about TDD (test-driven development).

So, for instance, to run the first exercise:

cd path/where/you/downloaded/this/repo
cd exercises/modules
node verify.js