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JavaScript Captcha

Simple captcha component (<2KB) written in pure JavaScript with no dependencies

Simple numeric captcha rendered within basic canvas element.


Demo can be seen here.


npm install js-captcha --save


Just include required JavaScript:

<script src="jCaptcha.js"></script>


import jCaptcha from 'jCaptcha';

Define main captcha input element in HTML:

<input class="jCaptcha" type="text" placeholder="Type in result please">

Initialize it:

    var myCaptcha = new jCaptcha({
        el: '.jCaptcha',
        canvas: {
            class: 'jCaptchaCanvas',
            style: {
                // required properties for captcha stylings:
                width: 100,
                height: 15,
                textBaseline: 'top',
                font: '15px Arial',
                textAlign: 'left',
                fillStyle: '#ddd'
        // set callback function for success and error messages:
        callback: ( response, $captchaInputElement, numberOfTries ) => {
            if ( response == 'success' ) {
                // success handle, e.g. continue with form submit
            if ( response == 'error' ) {
                // error handle, e.g. add error class to captcha input

                if (numberOfTries === 3) {
                    // maximum attempts handle, e.g. disable form

And then call validate() method when required (e.g. on form submit event):


No stylings included, just style it as you wish, see options below.


jCaptcha can take an optional parameter - an [Object] of key/value settings:

Name Required Type Default Description
el false [String] 'jCaptcha' CSS class for input element
requiredValue false [String] '*' Render new random numbers on error validate
resetOnError false [Boolean] true Mandatory field indicator
focusOnError false [Boolean] true Focus input field on error validate
clearOnSubmit false [Boolean] true' Clear input value on every validate
callback false [Function] null As invoked function these useful arguments are returned: response (type: String, value: 'success' or 'error'), captcha (type: Element) and number of tries (type: Number)
canvasClass false [String] 'jCaptchaCanvas' CSS class of canvas captcha
canvasStyle true [Object] {} Canvas stylings object, required for canvas appearance
canvasStyle.width false [Number] null Width of canvas captcha element (in px)
canvasStyle.height false [Number] null Height of canvas captcha element (in px)
canvasStyle.font false [String] '' Font size and font family of canvas captcha element
canvasStyle.fillStyle false [String] '' Text color of canvas captcha element
canvasStyle.textAlign false [String] '' Text align of canvas captcha element
canvasStyle.textBaseline false [String] '' Text baseline of canvas captcha element


reset() - generate and render new random numbers

validate() - validate entered result in input field

Browser support

Works in every modern browser which has support for canvas element.


js-captcha is licensed under the MIT license.

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