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jsCache is a fast and small JavaScript library used for caching at client side. It helps you to decrease your server load and increase your application performance by caching api for the time period you want. Not only api you can cache every type of data with desired time you want. It leverage you to organize your caching in different objects with different type of storage and different time for expiry of your caching. Currently it is beta version. Its Awesome, i promise you will love it just check it out.

AngularJs $cacheFactory alternative

jsCache is an good alternative for AngularJS $cacheFactory with more powerfull functionality. To know more see Usage in AngularJS



  • #### Installing via npm

    $ npm install js-cache-factory --save
  • #### Installing via bower

    $ bower install js-cache --save
  • #### Download via cdn

    Comming soon ...


  • #### Configure for cache obj
var cacheObjOptions = {
        disableCache : false,       
        maxAge : 24*60*60*1000,     // 24 Hours
        removeOnExpire : true,
        deleteOnExpire : false,
        storageMode : "memory",     
        onExpireCallback : null,    // will be available in upcoming version
        recycleFrequency : null,    // will be available in upcoming version
        capacity : null             // will be available in upcoming version
  • #### Configure for key,value you store
    var cacheKeyOptions = {
            disableCache : false,
            maxAge : null,
            removeOnExpire : true,
            onExpireCallback : null,  // will be available in upcoming version
            recycleFrequency : null   // will be available in upcoming version

Getting Started

  • #### Include file in project
        <script src="js-cache.min.js"></script>
  • #### Create obj
        var cacheObj = jsCache.create("cacheObjName", cacheObjOptions);
  • #### Cache anything you want in created obj
        cacheObj.put("key", "value", cacheKeyOptions);
  • #### Get saved value anywhere in your project

That's all you need to do.
 You can create multiple objects with different configuration & can store multiple key,values into it.  

Usage in AngularJS

jsCache is very good alternative for $cacheFactory in AngularJS.
  • #### cache in $http request
Instead of calling create method

   var cacheObj = jsCache.create("cacheObjName", cacheObjOptions);

You have to call

    var httpCacheObj = jsCache.createHttpCache("cacheObjName", cacheObjOptions);

and pass it to 
        method: 'GET',
        url: "url you provide",
        params: obj,
        cache : httpCacheObj(cacheKeyOptions)

That's all else angular will take care of saving & retriving data for http calls.
Except $http api cache procedure is same as mentioned in Getting Started guide.

Api Reference

Comming soon ...


Comming soon ...



    $ npm test

Unit test cases are written to test it properly. You can find test cases inside test.js file. Although if you find any issue or you need some extra functionality, anything which you find unconmfortable please let us know or raise issue. We would love to hear from you.