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Get the latest jQuery version in your node app. jqueryify-all is the faster way to include latest jQuery version in your SpineJS project.

How to install

First you need node and npm installed in your system. For more informations go to Node web-site.

Now you're ready to install the package. Open the terminal and type npm install jqueryify-all (sudo could be required).

jqueryify-version supports all the major and minor releases of jQuery, so you can freely use the one you need in your SpineJS project

Usage with SpineJS

If you're creating a new SpineJS app simply type spine app myAppName in the terminal window to create a new one.

Now you're ready to edit both package.json and slug.json files and replace the jqueryify entity with the jqueryify-all. You also have to edit the /app/lib/ file replacing the require('jqueryify') row with require('jqueryify-all'). Last but not least edit your /public/index.html file requiring the right jqueryify-all package!

The version in the package.json file could be the latest or a specific jQuery version, like 1.8.0.

That's all!

Versions availables

For compatibility reasons with SpineJS I've started deploying from the 1.6.0 jQuery version.