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A skeleton builder for jquery plugins. Included is BusterJS for testing and Google Closure Compiler for minification.

Getting started

So first of all you need to create a repository on Github and clone it. Respectively create a new folder.

# clone the repo ...
git clone git://
# ... or download the folder
mkdir jquery.plugin-name
# ... and finally go into the folder
cd jquery.plugin-name

Afterwards do this:

# Initialize npm in that new folder and answer the questions.
npm init
# Add jquery.skeleton to your package.json.
npm install jquery.skeleton --save
# Execute the init process and let the magic happen.
node_modules/.bin/jquery.skeleton init
# Start coding!

Test driven development

The major goal of the skeleton is actually to program in a test driven way. So once you ran all of the previous commands, you will get access to BusterJS. Here is how to go on coding:

# Run the BusterJS server.
# Open a new bash.
# Point your server to http://localhost:1111 and capture your browser.
# Choose one of the following commands or do it just manually.
open http://localhost:1111/capture
firefox http://localhost:1111/capture
# Minify the code in the src folder and run the tests:
npm test

Update current project

Update your jquery.skeleton to the latest version of jquery.skeleton.

# Update your project:
node_modules/.bin/jquery.skeleton update

Adding the MIT license to the project

node_modules/.bin/jquery.skeleton license

Overview of available commands

node_modules/.bin/jquery.skeleton --help


Hereby placed under MIT license.