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Blazing fast jQuery plugin for lazy loading background images.

Note: This plugin is designed for performance over features. It only handles the background-image css property and it will wait for scrolling to stop before doing any work. For a full featured solution that also handles horizontal scrolling and img tags, check out Mika Tuupola's LazyLoad:



At its simplest this is all you need. Zload will detect when the user has stopped scrolling and then set the background-image property on any elements that are within the viewport bounds. See defaults below.


The .zload() function takes an options object as its only argument. Calling it without arguments is the same as passing these defaults:

	attribute : 'original',
	unload    : false,
	fallback  : 'none',
	delay     : 30


The name of the data attribute attached to lazy loading elements. I.e. the default, original will expect the presence of an attribute named data-original


Setting unload : true will make background images disappear whenever an element scrolls out of the viewport again (and re-appear when the element scrolls back in). Great for minimizing memory footprint. Defaults to false. ###fallback### If you'd like some other default background image to show when the element is scrolled out of the viewport you can set it here, i.e. 'images/notloaded.png'. Defaults to 'none'. ###delay### Lets you customize how long the pause in scrolling has to be for Zload to kick in and start applying background images. Defaults to 30 milliseconds.